Brand Switching Analysis


How does the launch of a new product influence the consumers’ behavior towards the other brands?
How successful was the launch/ relaunch of the product?
What is the switching to competitive brands?
Where do the buyers of new product come from?


Analysis of purchases before and after the first buying act of a product in order to find out “where” the buyers come from and how they behave after the first buying act of a product.
In case of launches it is possible to determine the source of new buyers in relatively short time.


Purchases of each panel member that bought the product in the defined launch period, called „inner period”; if the relevant product was bought on a date (e.g. June 2nd, 2002) and what was the behavior prior and before the inner period. As control group the non buyers are chosen to check the behavior of prior/ post buyers.
The 1st purchase is excluded from the analysis